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August club meeting

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Gonna show up for Caras dog days of summer again this year. They will have a spot for us by the water/walkway to park jeeps at event. Will be discussing offroad parks to go to for our club ride in October at this meeting.

**Click on poster for more info attached**

This is a great family event.  Great opportunity to get your pet chipped for super cheap too.

Last year we lined up by sidewalk. Had food an venders selling stuff, even giving away dog popsicles at one point. Kiddy pools set up to keep dogs cooled off an drinking water buckets everywhere.
One woman was doing training sessions with dogs in corner. Also, the police department did demonstration of bad guy getting chased and pounced on by Canine officer.

this is going to be a cool even. I'll bring my German shepherd.

Can't make it for the entire event.  What time will the Club meeting be held?


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